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Diving Right In

Welcome to my new website! I moved to Squarespace because it's cleaner, cooler, and comedy podcasts give sweet discounts. Everything you need to keep tabs on me is accessible from right here, so if you're feeling like doing some digital stalking, bookmark my website and let the updates roll right in.

For those of you who've been following me for a while, you may recall that on my old website, I had an archive of recaps I did of every set from my first full year living in Los Angeles. While it was definitely not in the cards to re-post everything to the new site, I did take the time to compile all of those entries and format them into a nice little e-book for you fine folks.

You can read "The Shallow End: A Year In The Life Of A Young Stand-Up Comic" online and download it for free right here. 

Enjoy, and welcome to the future!